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20150705_154753The last three days I have been walking from Nijmegen to Xanten along the ridge where 200.000 years ago the last ice age halted. It makes for pretty views and interesting nature. The Roman empire made its borders here as well and the Middle Ages founded its city upon their ruins.

20150704_152010 It gives us a view on nice castles and manors between rolling hills. The knowledge about this history is also explained in detail on many panels along many paths and roads.

At the same time I feel I know next to nothing. 200.000 years of seeming certainty and here I am seeing the time of the last two days slip through my fingers. Why did it take me ages to get from Kleve to Kalkar, a mere 12 kilometres. How come it took me 5 hours to walk the 10+ kilometres to Xanten today? Maybe the vastness of this country ask for more knowledgeable certainty. Like the Germans themselves; making knowledge into art and romanticism into belief. Might be wrong here as well…

But I will focus on facts more. Like the past two days I drank 12 liters of water, a glass of milk, a glass of ice tea and a bottle of orange juice. Does that make it 36 degr. C.?

Will post the accompanying photos later. Intermittent connection here.

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