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Are todays walking paths. What will our highways look like in 100 years? 20140725_112841


And what will we feel and think about that? What does that tell about us? Many of that paths that we walk on today were business and trade ways 100 years ago. It coincided or rather was prompted by the movement of sheep. They will have taken as long as us in getting over the hills and the mountains. Everything was slower then it is now.

The quiet landscape and natural feel can be deceiving as well. It was busy here not so long ago. There were leadmines, small farmers, big halls. The natural landscape that we walk through today was the scene of a busy society. A society that was changing rapidly around 1850. The rise of the trade unions, the quakers, the industrialisation, the eviction of subsistence farmers because the landowners could make more money out of sheep.  What will our fast paced and technologically driven society look like in 150 years? And what do we think and feel bout that now, and then?

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