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I am having a rest day at Bad Münstereiffel. Fons and Pia are coming to visit this afternoon and it gives me the opportunity to do laundry and clean my stinking sweat drenched rucksack.

It’s all okay for Frau Görges, my landlady for two nights. Coincidence has brought me on one of the many pilgrimsroutes to Santiago and she gives me a warm welcome. I am still amazed at the ease with which people give their front door key to a total stranger. So much trust. She also thinks I should eat more. “Eat my boy, you have a long walk ahead of you!”.   I meet a lot of mums on this journey.20150715_174213

I am to meet Fons and Pia at the trainstation but they arrive on the other side of town. I direct them to this side, they have to drive across the mountain to get here though. The picnic site however is on the other side again but afterwards the free parking space….you get the movement? We saw the trainstation five times today. The title of the blog points to a sketch by the (in my eyes best) two Dutch comedians Koot and Bie and it alludes to WWII. In this sketch they are proud to have misdirected a German soldier when he asked the way to the trainstation but so many years later are still afraid to be found out. It’s hilarious.

We enjoy a very pleasant afternoon.


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