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I got stuck with apparently no way further. But the situation there in Gabra gave me a feeling of rendering, of encompassment. I had an utter faith in the good outcome, no in a joyful outcome. I know that my rucksack is filled to brimming with survival methods. I could have handled this. In stead there was the sense of handing over to something bigger than myself, without me needing to do anything but being there.

 I have thought a lot about, worked at and even wrote a couple of times about not having a place, a sense of home. Since yesterday I realise that I don’t need that place of my own, it is everywhere. Everywhere where I am. Everywhere also where there are people like Dançko.

aA little boy in shorts is walking next to me. We walk hand in hand. He walks with sincerity and thoughtfulness. He looks at me and smiles. Yes, that’s how it is. He gives me peace, joy and happiness. I give him his place to be. We is I.

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