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Today is a nice day. A day for walking. There’s a cool western wind and a pretty sunshine. For the better part of the day I am walking on a height that gives a great view to the mountains in the west and the valleys in the east. This way it’s a piece of cake! My Open Street Maps says  ‘tundra’, but in reality I am walking through maize and wheat fields that have already been harvested, which only serves to improve the view. I always try to find the agricultural roads that keep me away from the highway. It’s a bit longer walking mostly, but so much better for feet and spirit.

Oh don’t worry, there’s still enough experimenting to be done. There is this man insisting on giving me a lift and setting me off at the highway. Just go that way, he indicates, leads straight to Turkey,  can’t miss. After which I have to find my way back to the rural roads. Army camps are naturally not indicated on my map. I walk into two of them today. At the first camp the guard is helpful. If I go back to Plovdiv and get a permit from his superior he will gladly let me pass. 15 kilometres is a bit far for a hiker. Can’t I go around?, I try, smiling innocently. He has no knowledge of a way around, which is a bit strange for a guard, but anyway. So I find a way around. At the second camp I don’t even bother asking anymore. There always seems to be a way around.

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