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Many times during this walk I have been wondering about the very few fellow walkers on my path. Of course it is my choice to walk alone, without many people surrounding me. Well, that came true. Yet I had expected there to be more walking people about, hoped maybe as well.

Germans are supposed to be walkers,  ‘wanderer’, aren’t they? There are lots of older people who look at me with approval but hardly any walkers. The secret is solved by a man who tells me that they dó walk, but they go into the (real) mountains for it. Where I go isn’t by far spectacular enough for them. I can only agree.

Walking alone in these little spectacular surroundings I lose myself often in deep loneliness as well. The moment in which this journey takes place adds to that, of course. It does make that sometimes ask myself whether I should be doing this, right now? Yet the journey is also always a reflection of who I am.

While walking, Passau has often been a goal, to be reached by will power. I have certainly missed important paths, taken shortcuts, walked too fast and too long at times, have been in a hurry.

There is also the challenge of the performance, the joy of walking, the pleasure of the exercise and the sensation of me and my body pulling this off. To be proud of my body and my perseverance.


To feel it to my bones, this is ME apart from e everyone and everything else.

I am.

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