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Father Alex said that Germans must be very sad and lonely people. They are always alone and all of them are walking their dogs. Father Alex is a recent arrival from Nigeria and he has a fresh outlook on the German ways of doing things. They must be so lonely he says. They are always with their dogs and always alone in their big big houses.

I must admit that i share his view, partly at least. All the dog owners i see while walking, and they are many. Many!, look a bit sorrowful and sad. Lost. Sometimes i ask myself who is taking whom for a walk.

Fatherr Alex came to Germany for health reasons. His Bishop in Nigeria sent him to a congregation of Nigerian nuns in rural Germany. I meet them when i knock on the door of the Antonius Monastery to ask I

f i can put up my tent on their fields. To my surprise a black nun answers the door. They are sisters from the Congregation of Samaritan Love. They come to replace the almost extinct German nuns in the congregation. They are curious. They are hospitable. They laugh a lot. Sure its okay to camp in the field. They bring water and food and next morning they bring coffee.

They wish me a good journey with, of course, God’s blessing. In all honesty they are the kindest and most generous people i have met so far on my journey.

Father Alex says the Western faith needs new inspiration. I would like to see him talk to the dog walkers.



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