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It’s really nice walking weather today. Cloudy, not too warm. I get to walk a quiet hard road to Pirot. OK, routemanagement wanted me to go into the hills and forests again but I found this easier, though less exciting road. My back still feels tense and nervous and I don’t want to strain it more today. I have hurt myself enough now for a while!

Thank you all so much for your kind and loving support, suggestions and sweet words on the blog, the app and the mail. It feels so good to know that I am not, ever alone. If I read you correctly you’re telling me to find my joy in the small things. Things that make you smile and make you feel lighter for a while. I put one of those suggestions immediately to practice. That was possible,  on that hard road: put in my earphones and listen to my favourite walking music. And sing along! I had almost forgotten that I took them with me, on my smartphone. You can go too deep, can’t you. One of the songs I gladly share with all of you because it fits the situation. You can read the text in many ways. Mine is about coming home to yourself. Enjoy!

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