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I have altered my route again today. No hills, no muddy trackd and no prickly bushes. Partly because of my still sore back and partly, ok, stubbornness. I look at my GPS that still does not reveal any secrets, at google maps and at open street maps (all with very little detail ) and I make my decision. Three hours later I find myself against a new motorway. It’s turning around or walking around. I never liked walking the way back, so I walk around, along a busy provincial road.

This is my deal, so often. Impulsive, not asking and having to find out, experience everything by myself. My way. You would maybe think that now after almost 60 years I had learned but I am still doing it. It gives me the feeling of freedom, of making my own choices even if they are not always the best ones. Rather wrong than unfree, seems to be the motto here. I don’t like being dependent and by now I found out why. But I still keep doing it, it sits deep with me. I may be a hopeless case. Little by little, on a journey like this one I give in. Just still not always.

Today I sang along with this one, hopeless wanderer. Very much to the point!

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