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I have been walking for two days already without my rucksack. The route gave me the opportunity to set up camp along the Rhine and organise my walking from there. I use public transport to get me to and from my walking route. That’s luxury!

The ‘Reiseführer’, my guide and map, had promised a lot of mountains and forests. I made my own route from the map, a route that followed the beautiful river Rhine. It made my walk along the strong flowing river with its many fortresses and medieval towns. Luxury!

It has been ‘just’ nice and sunny for the last couple of days. Nice and warm. That also feels like luxury after many days that were either too hot or too rainy.

This morning I found the first early brambles. They have a bitter sweet taste still but because of that also a strong taste. Bushes full of them, all you can eat and more! Thats luxury as well.

Walked 30 kilometres to Bingen today. Quick, without any hurt or distress. Luxury.

I get all this luxury thrown in my lap and yet I feel tired. Walking is a mental question first of all….




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