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It’s a cold, grey and windy day. A day that will leave few memories and create even less. An oncoming walker says: “Our luck still that it doesn’t rain, like it has been forecast for tomorrow “. Count your blessings, don’t ask too much, be modest, it is the message we hear so often. Yet this day has its place among all other days. In nature nothing is without meaning or purpose. This day has its purpose, as do the seasons and the tides. It all relates to each other, even if and when we fail to understand, if we see no reason. Reasoning may even take us away from understanding.

The acorns are falling in showers. Someone said that every 15 years there is an overflow of acorns. This seems to be one of those years. Why? We don’t know, it seems. Just because, freak of nature.

A couple of days ago I had a dream. In the dream I am bound to the ground and eaten by maggots and worms. I must have been alive because I remember thinking that the suffering ended when they had eaten the flesh and I could see the bare bones. You can’t suffer when you’re dead, can you? I don’t feel pain, however. Can you suffer without pain? I am as much part of nature as the tides and the seasons, so I know this dream has meaning and purpose. A meaning that you can’t find by reasoning.  There is a proverb that says: down to the bones. I have gone down to the bones. Which means that in this dream I am the man ánd the maggots, that I have eaten myself up, to leave only a skeleton. You can feel when something is right. This image is. A powerful message and so true.

I come across a chestnut tree that is dropping the chestnuts as I stand there, the burrs generously opening up to give away their fruits, like my dream gives its message to me, a bit prickly. I like the bitter dry taste of raw chestnut. Grey days provide their rewards as well.


  1. That post is certainly food for thought! Here I am shallowly bound up in the busyness of preparing a business plan, but there’s a time for that sort of action too and my hope is that it will result in a business of real value to smallholders.

    Komera! (strength, keep going)


  2. The busyness is balanced by the spiritual. They both have their time and their moment.
    The smallholders will be grateful for the value it brings them.
    Adelante! (keep going)

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