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Time ripples

Time ripples

By on Aug 2, 2016 in Blog | 2 comments

It is a very busy road that lead me to Varaždin yesterday. Cars and trucks rush by at the highest possible speed. Next to the road are workshops, small factories and storage facilities. The noise and exhaust fumes make those last 8 (of 48) kilometres even more murderish.

20160802_092302The town centre is the opposite of that in every possible way. It wants to be baroque-ish and a little snobbish as well, a succesful combination. People walk slowly across the square and through the narrow streets. It seeing and being seen.

20160802_092848There is a neat little market, clean in a squekish way. Between 1 and 5 in the afternoon there is no living soul to be seen in the city centre. When it then also starts raining it feels like the mellowing daylight is fading the city away. Any moment now a horse drawn carriage may pass by over the cobble stones.

Time ripples a bit in Varaždin.


  1. Hi Wim

    I am very much enjoying reading your reflections on your journeying. You are having some very long days and I am impressed with the distances your are covering – and I imagine that your rucsac is no lighter than it was in the Lakes! Are you finding that this is a well walked route? I hope that following the long and winding road day after day is providing time and space for reflection and living in the moment

    Go well and safely – best is today!

    • Hij Colin, the Austrian part, as you read was easy going in many ways. The Cristina part is Different, I can’t tell For sure het Right now but the language and the absence of camping sites or other places to sleep Make it More difficult. Have to het used maybe…hoe much easier was England then:-)!

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