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Today is a sunny day with the memory of the warmth of the summer and at the same time a windy day with the sign of the coolness of autumn. It feels like a day between, a time between summer and autumn.  It is a day of peace and quiet, the blackberries have gone and the chestnuts have yet to fall. Every gust of wind blows tens of acorns from the trees.

There is a time for everything, Ecclesiastes tells us: All time is filled in, all time has its purpose. Lying under a tree, free from the wind, in the grass with the warm sun on my face. That is time between. The time before something and the time after something, not yet defined, not yet filled in. The time between is space- and meaningless.

In the time between, all you need to do is avoid falling acorns.


  1. Sitting under trees can be a dangerous pastime – especially when there are quite a few acorns/eikels around! 🙂

    • coconuts seem to be really dangerous!

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