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Things that (dis)appear through the mist

Things that (dis)appear through the mist

By on Dec 30, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

20161229_111426Yesterday I walked with my friends Peter and Joey through the mist across the Belgian border to the village of Meerle, where we had a pint in a small local pub, after which we returned to Breda through the early darkness of winter where we had some more pints. The mist made the view of the path and the landscape look very different.

The mist can be deceiving, I can hear the sound of the far off motorway like it was only 100 metres away from me. The mist turns the hum of the traffic into one wall of sound, where all other sounds are muffled. Trees that are nearby seem far away. The silent water of the lake has a dreamy grey shine. Things that you know to be there have disappeared, but the shining frozen grass catches the eye and 20161229_111312puts itself at the front of your view.

Through the mist tangible things disappear and other tangible things appear that are, maybe, not there. It is like the passing of time, that polishes some past events into shining, golden memories and makes others diasappear like they were never there to begin with. Mist and time give us the possibility to create a new reality.

20161229_124606Maybe you have experienced this; a golden occurence in your life that you feel is the best thing that ever has and ever will happen to you. A loving recognition and acknowledgement that came to you from the mist and that changed your life. That embraced en received you from the depth of your soul. From now on you can go only go forward in love. After this, nothing will ever be the same.  After this, you need to fear no more, after this anything is possible.

I know this to be there, but mist and time also still keep things intangible to me. There is a lot of work to be done, which is also the reason for the song below which I chose to take me into the following year. 20161229_111625Blof & Counting Crows, Holiday in Spain (Happy New Year).

I wish for you a year of love, a year to be touched to depth of your soul (if you weren’t already ;), I wish for you a year to share with the best of friends and loved ones. Happy New Year!





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