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Today is a warm and sunny day, an invitation for a walk! I came back from England yesterday where I had selection interviews for a masters qualification. I am still in doubt, many thoughts and lots of complexity. Luckily I had the time to walk a bit on the South Downs with Colin and Simon. It amazes me that there is so much blossom there already. Last time I looked at home there seemed to be crocusses only but here it is the haythorn, the lilacs and even some cherry trees. The cramp in my legs afterwards gives away some of the tension I feel with this qualification.


The weekend before I was in the centre of Brussels where it was warm but I hardly saw any nature. So how is the Netherlands today then? Along the river lots of smaller plants are blossoming and of course there is the weeping willow. Everything small and agile and flexible sprouts leaves and flowers. It is an exuberance that is kept in check by the large, silent trees. They are careful, it is still early spring. Many things can still change. I believe eveyone has their special spring day. You never know it beforehand but suddenly it is there. When is your special spring day? Is it when the crocusses come out, impatiently pushing for the still chilly sun? Or is it when the oak sprouts its leaves, under a warm and kind sunshine?


For me it is spring when the lower branches of the beech gets its first leaves; such tender, transparent green yet infinitely strong and focussed. It moves me deeply. I have to wait at least a month still for that to happen. Maybe I should wait with my qualification for such a day. A day when evertyhing is right.



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