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I am near Cork again, where Mags picked me up from the airport and brought me almost to my starting point. On the way up there, we drove to Blarney Castle. On purpose. Blarney Castle has the source of the Irish ‘talking habit’ in its walls. That which the Irish call ‘the gift of the gab’. The habit of talking much and many. Not always eloquently but always fluent.

We visited the Castle and kissed the Blarney Stone. This is not to be taken lightly. It is a stone at 40 meters above the ground, that you have to kiss hanging upside down above the open space. These days, bars prevent you from falling down if you fail to do it right, so the risk is less and therewith maybe also the result. But we should have been given ‘ the gift’. I would like that. Eloquence and fluency are some of those qualities that make me jealous of other people. to be able to tell a good story. Now let’s see if it comes true.


When I slept that night in The City, I had a dream in which I was an eloquent speaker. In the company of people who I admire and appreciate, so the highest difficulty level as well. To have such a dream in such a place…?

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