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Colin is wearing his best socks today. When we started yesterday, he wore his next best socks. He now has a couple of blisters and decided that this is a good moment to wear the best socks, in order to avoid further blistering. It brings about the question, of course, if it might have been better to wear these socks on the first day already, and in that way maybe avoid the blisters to start with….We have a laugh and decide that this calls for a saying: Best is Today. We are aware that this is grammatically incorrect. That’s why we leave it this way. We will put it on a t-shirt.

We come across so many people, including ourselves, who live in the future, saving up for tomorrow. And so many of us don’t make it to tomorrow. We also come across many people who would like to do it differently but don’t know how. We’ve all been brought up to be careful and future minded.

Are you wearing your best socks today? Or are you saving them for the moment when you really need them? And when will that be?


  1. Sounding just a little like Carrie Bradshaw there …

    • Just looked her up, didn’t know who she is. Now I know. So does this mean you are giving me a compliment or….?

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