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I had a good day today, I was able to bring in some nice new assignments and I made some promising and fun contacts. You would almost call it a succesful day, but then, what is ‘succes’ anyway? Is it bringing in new assignments and making money? Is it about appearance? Of course, I am proud that I am able to make a living out of work that I enjoy doing so much, that I care about and that I do from heart and soul. Yet I am not sure I would count that as being succesful. For me succes maybe is just being able to idle.

The idling goes on for 5 more days tomorrow, across the long distance path that goes from Arnhem to the direction of Utrecht. The reason I choose these kind of paths is simple. They are anyway beautiful paths that lead through lots of nature. Because on the other side the infrastructure in the Netherlands is build in such a way that traffic flows easily, which means that you walk on a sand road, that leads on to a cycling path that leads onto an asphalt road that leads on to provincial motorway. I wanted to prevent that.

Let’s see if I can idle succesfully!

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