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I could have made it home yesterday if I had just walked those last 12 kilometres to Nijmegen. It had been a long hot day, my feet were killing me but uppermost there was this idea of spending the night along the river Waal. So I had a swim, a drink and a beautiful night at the riverside.

20150630_213650The water streaming along the river banks, the full moon shining over Nijmegen and on the water. More then enough space for contemplation.

I believe that the connecting link between love and grief is emotion. What do you think?



20150629_152146Oh and the day before that I had a an onwalk meeting with my webcoach. Here she is sitting at her desk. She says I should ask my readers about what they want me to write about, whether they are happy with my writing. So here comes the question. Are you happy with my writing and what do you think I hould write about more. Or less…




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