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When talking to Canadian John a couple of days ago, it made me acutely aware of the fact that all my writing, all my blogs and stories, actually only show my own, very personal perspective. We were looking at the same mountaintop and yet seeing different things. I take many panorama photos, giving a 360 degree view. But when looking, I can’t of course look at the same time behind me. It is also the dilemma of being the observed and the observer at the same time, being part of your own observations. We are never objective. We are all stories and therefore subjective.

When sharing stories and exploring viewpoints, we can try to see through the other person’s eyes and get a little clue on how the other person see themselves and who they are. Stories can be seen as the entrance to our identity. Sharing and exploring our stories might lead to a better understanding and accepting of ourselves as all being part of humanity.

When we see ourselves as stories, could we maybe see ourselves as stories being told? What would your story be like? Will it be a story of struggle and fighting? will it be a story of nature and natural things? Will there be inventions, will it ‘go with the flow’? And if we are a story being told, who might the story teller be…..

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