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Rain in Ireland creates a lot of streams coming from the hills and the mountains that feed into rivers and finally into the sea. It makes me think of Dutch singer/songwriter Bram Vermeulen. It translates as follows:

I moved a stone in a river on earth

The flow of water now is different from before

You can not stop the flow of a river

The water always finds a way

Maybe one day, filled with snow and rain

The river will  take my stone

To leave it smooth and polished in the calm of the sea


I moved a stone in a river on earth

The flow of water is different from before

Now I know I will never be forgotten

I proved my existence

Because by moving this one stone

The flow of the river will never be as it was before


Open the top video first, then the lower one. Enlarge the screen of the lower one, or just follow the text. Enjoy!



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