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A brief photo impression. I followed a guide with a little flag. I am learning.

The Bulgarian presidential guard. It’s hot und, er the hat.




 The old Roman road from Belgrade to Istanbul. Funny feeling to be walking on almost 2000 year old pavement. I’ve experienced worse during my walk.

Sofia partly came into existence because of the warm water springs that provide 37C water all year round. It’s free for the citizens.  Also healing, they say, reason to build a huge bath house. Place for gossip.and local news. A sort of early facebook, so to say.




Modern art. I hope.




Dutch poetry on Bulgarian walls. Translations by request.


Woman with lots of pigeons.




A stern looking medieval Christiam king. He apparently wasn’t  convinced of a positive outcome


Evening sun on the Cathedral.




Three men on a bench. Who doesn’t belong there? (Hint: watch the hat).




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