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Arriving at Istsnbul is a bit unsettling. There is a kind of emptiness;  the legs don’t want to stop yet and the mind wants to stay in the rhythm of tranquillity and simplicity. Rationality wants me to plan ahead, organize, do and think. It’s a delicate moment and I feel vulnerable because the inevitable question will also come: ‘and now?’. There is no ‘and now?’, I feel although the thought is logically pressing me. I don’t have to see if I gained anything with my walk because that’s not why I went. I don’t have to justify my good nor my bad days because I didn’t promise anything to anyone. Sometimes I was alone and sometimes I was happy; I was always myself. I have learned things about myself but that also doesn’t matter. I wanted to walk to Istanbul and that’s what I did. Everything that comes after and is of a positive consequence to my soul is welcome.

p On my journey through Turkey and also before in the Balkans I come across many natural springs. Springs that then are given shape with taps and cattle feeds, but remain what they are in essence; natural springs. They are accessible to everyone. That is how I see the earth to us: as a natural source that we can use and shape to our spirits’ need and purpose. The shape may depend on the specific need of person and soul. One looks for the company of fellow spirits, where the other seeks the silence of the mountains. It doesn’t matter, if it feeds your being. They are intimate and delicate processes, vulnerable as a soap bubble, processes that become visible only through attention and love.

After Istanbul there will be other things that will feed my soul; the course ‘The Maskmaker’ at Phoenix, many trainings and coaching in autumn and a short assignment to Namibia in winter. Then in April hopefully the start of my master course ‘People and OD’ at Roffey Park in England.

I find it extremely important to emphasize the ‘aimlessness’ of my walking. It is something vulnarable that I can’t and don’t want to have to defend. It just ‘is’. The moment you address it rationally it disappeares. It is something I did by myself, with your help, friendship and love. I am so glad that I walked all the way to Istanbul and that I am now moving ahead with an open and quiet mind and spirit. The little boy in the short trousers looks up at me and nods, and smiles. We may be as vulnerable as a soap bubble but we are never alone.

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