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It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining and the air is warm. All the Irish, together with all the tourists in Kenmare, are smiling and happy. It is not everyday that this happens. Today I am walking to Killarney. I asked for directions yesterday, but the tourist office official was not very forthcoming in providing any. In her defense, it was busy.

So I set off to the north, towards Killarney. No matter the sign says Smeen, that’s probably some in between place.

Not Killarney

Not Killarney

The path leads up a hill, then starts veering to the north-west. When it takes a turn to the west, completely west, I know that something is wrong. Google maps teaches me that Smeen is a village some 30 km west. I walk the 5 km back to the tourist office. The lady there is compassionate, oh my, you walked all the way up there? Yeah…


I reward myself with consoling pie, strange, I never do that when things go well.





learned today:

never take quick decisions,

listen well to tourist office ladies

never eat consoling pie



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