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Six boundaries

Six boundaries

By on Jul 31, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Only minutes before I walk into the lobby of hotel Turist, the thunderstorm bursts loose. I could have gotten in dry, had I asked that other pedestrian for directions. But noohh…I already knew didn’t I?! As a consequence I get wet. Never ever stop asking questions even they don’t understand you and vice versa. That’s a boundary for me.

20160731_124317I have crossed two country boundaries in the past two days. Seen the houses change from beautiful to neat and proper. Once in Croatia it reminds me of Middle and South America. It feels a bit like home. At home are also all the Slovenes and Croates this hot weekend. Everyone is busy around their home or (invisible and unheard by me) in their home. In the afternoon the BBQ’s are lit and families gather round for drinks and music. They are at home. The scene, the coming together, the preparations trigger a sense of ritualism and symbolism. Whether they are happy and joyful, I cannot tell from their faces and behaviour. I hear more then enough bad words, usually aimed at small children. I can also sense that this ritual and symbolism comes from a longing for and a hope towards a home. But our real home is too beautiful to be able to see in the light of our medioce days. It would ask us to pass a boundary that we may not even be aware of, that we don’t recognize. So even if are only mildly happy and joyful, we need that ritual and that symbolism to remind us of our hope and longing.

Novalis said it in one sentence: no matter what, we are always on our way home.

Me too.

20160730_185407This is my little tent at the camp site (near) Ljutomer. The camp site was on a slope so the owner built this.

I made a wrong estimate of the distance to Varaždin. The camp site owner had told me to go down 15 km and then 20 km along the river over concrete roads. That was too much hardness for me so planned my own route that led across many concrete paths, of which most were longer as well and ultimately to that wet and also somewhat cramped arrival after 48 km. That is also a boundary for me, not one that I am happy with or one to be repeated, but still :). Joey told me over the app: too much, find a tree and lie down. How do you that again…lying under a tree? Let’s see if I can find a nice tree here in Varaždin tomorrow.


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