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Have you done enough walking for a while now, or do you need to get it out of your system?, they ask me at my birthday yesterday. Yes, I do need to get it out of my system, the movement still sits in my legs and in my head. This part of the journey needs to have an ending as well. I decide to go to the Kampina, the moors between Boxtel and Oisterwijk. Some of my nicest memories live here. It is going to be a hot day, so it’s an early rise to get most of the the 20 kilometres walking done before it gets too hot. I can feel how my legs are still accustomed to long walks. It is quiet on the moors, that are well known to me, I wrote about them before. One way or another, this region invites stillness, even more so on a weekday and this early in the morning. Today, the stillness gets to me, maybe because I am alone on this walk.

20160825_094008It is the sleepyness of the dewy grass, of calm birch, oak and fir trees

The untroubled screeching of the magpie and the gentle rustling in the shrubs

Tranquil, dark shadows of cool trees under a blinding sun.

20160825_100803Indistinct traces of footsteps in the already warm sand

The still tracks over the green water of the moors and

later the hushed shimmer of the heat over the blossoming fields.

If outside has to become inside

20160825_101227I need a world of silence and stillness to bring my raging heart

and my mournful soul in accordance with that.



Goethe wrote about this silence:

Best is this deep silence, in which I strive and grow and live with the world, and which they can’t take away from me through neither sword nor fire.

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