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Rustling, damp, silverish green

Rustling, damp, silverish green

By on Jul 13, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

The  night before last it rained heavily. With the warmth still in the air it feels like monsoon weather. The day after is no better. Rain threatens the whole day and often a showerish rain falls from the sky, making a rustling sound on the leaves of the trees. The warmth of the air makes the day feel swampy. Too warm for my raincoat. Am I wet from sweat or rain? Let’s smell…oh yes,  sweat, definitely. Every time I hear a rustling sound I think it’s the rain, but just as many times it is a small brook making its way to the river.

The surface of the Danube river shows an endless number and variety of little movements. Some go against the stream, others go round and round and some others push up little waves. Is this frivolity or  something more serious? In an unmoved way, the mass underneath makes it all irresistibly go forward.

The water of the Danube river is of a (quick)silverish green.

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