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I have been walking for some 5 days now and I am finding a kind of a rhythm. Starting to walk at 5 AM, see the sun rise. Looking out for Turkish coffee around 7. Mostly I find it and sometimes it’s free, with a big smile. A couple of words in Serbian, a longing look and the word ‘kaffa’ make a lot of difference. A long siesta at 12. Listening to my body; my appetite has started to match my real need.

Walking, looking, suffering; the only goal is to get ‘somewhere’ by the end of the day. But without exhaustion or fractures. You could call it balance. Accepting what the day and your path have to offer without losing your focus or your rhythm. Not to want to overreach, like I tried the first two days. When you loose your breath, you loose yourself. You get annoyed, frustrated, panicky. You don’t find balance by thinking: I want this or that to happen. You do it by opening up and by feeling; is what’s happening now in line with my focus? And then all of a sudden there is a bottle of cold water or a lift on your path that you surely needed.

You can’t expect the unexpected. The unexpected is beyond your awareness, you have to open up to it and that happens with focus and balance and accepting what is happening on your path. Litterally, in my case. Oh, I believe I just gave a quite long definition on mindfull walking without wanting to. I think I have my purple quartz angel to thank for that piece of wisdom.

I forgot to mention something on my blog about the ‘important things’. There was a small bottle of whiskey there as well. Don’t forget to reward yourself for a day of acceptance and balance, in whatever way comes best to you. It’s hard enough!

A hotel room with a view!




And right after all this wisdom  I meet Zoran, just as I am refilling my waterbottles a gas station for today’s last couple of kilometres. ….

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