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Already 4 days ago since I arrived in Regensburg. The city until where there was going to be ‘radio silence’. From Rothenburg to here I made my own route. I have to admit, with little creativity. Good planning, providing for a good balance of shade and making miles. It wasn’t easy at sometimes 40 degrees C. So it was a nice performance to do this in only 5 days. One day I walked 45 k at 40 degrees C with 15 k on my back. This is how I look at the end of the day. Alive, not really kicking though. Is that something to be proud of? Nah. IMG_20150806_200833All in a days work. Yes of course it is ok to be proud of that!



When I arrive in Regensburg I am quite exhausted, yet the rest of the journey is waiting. I have to charge myself for the Bavarian mountains. That is more difficult then walking 45 k in 40 C.

Now the Bavarian forest is absorbing me, sucking me in it seems. Every day brings a new and unexpected challenge. Unwanted as well. Though maybe in the end the most significant? Where o where is Passau?

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