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Arriving at Vize I notice that I am only 40 kilometres from the Black Sea and there ate buses going from here to there and I that I have walked so much that my legs are hurting but also saved some time through doing that.

The little town of  Kiyiköy is a coastal town like any other, the beach is a beach and children play in the surf like they do all over the world. Then I see them; the women wearing clothes that cover their whole body. My first association however is raincoats, so you don’t get wet in the sea. I am so used to the idea of maximum exposure to sun and water that this image can’t convey its meaning on first glance to me. To me, they are wearing raincoats. Ridiculous of course but that’show it works with me. Am I the only one?  I hope not?

I don’t judge,  honestly. I can imagine as many reasons for covering up as for minimalising. It depends on the reasons for doing so; is it fashion, is it the model of the perfect woman, is it not giving or avoiding provocation, is it anonimity. It’s everyone’s own chouce as long as it’s a free choice. That I as a man also have a preference is saying about me personally but since many men react in the same way it does become part of the reasons for yes or no raincoats. Totally nude would be the solution! Physical beauty quickly gains perspective in a sauna. Obviously you need some minimum of clothing  to (de)accentuate. Raincoats are the maximum in that respect to me.

It also shows that I obviously can’t judge on first impressions. I need to think first to understand behaviour and custom. Maybe that’s why it’s just that bit easier for me in Serbia and Bulgaria. Maybe also it keeps me from.seeing truths there?

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