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It has been over two months since I wrote my last blog from Robin Hood’s Bay in England. Two months of hard work (luckily), two months of starting to look back on this adventure. I have been able to collect so many beautiful experiences and stories that it may take the winter to edit hem in such a way that they truly express my thoughts and feelings and give you the space to form your own images around them. I find that no easy task, it takes sitting down for a while to get that done. In the meantime there still will stories, stories that come into being during daywalks in the Netherlands or elsewhere. That might also mean England, but I will let you know if that happens!

Looking back also makes me become aware of the centric inward movement that walking naturally creates. I notice that it takes an effort to also direct that movement to the outside world. Writing is such a movement. But that is nog enough, I find. It feels a bit elitist in a way. I am lucky, I have the space and the time to be doing this. And no matter how much I enjoy this and want to share, I sometimes feel that it is too luxurious and that I am on an island.

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My walking experience contrasts hugely with the thousands of refugees, people over the whole world who walk for days on end, without tents, without food or shoes. They flee violence, war, threats to their lives, loved ones and children. In support of the organisations that help these people, I pledge 50% of my income through my walking activities to their cause, the Dutch Stichting Vluchteling (Refugee Foundation). They are a full member of the IRC, the worldwide International Rescue Comittee.




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