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 “Pumping or drowning” is a Dutch saying that actually speaks for itself. It implies choice but not really. It came to mind when I walked along Kinderdijk, a Unesco heritage site in the Netherlands with 16 windmills. There are 16 because there was a lot of water here, at the merging of three rivers. They couldn’t decide which type to use and who was to have the power over them all. So now there are two rows of different windmills  with three canals in between them. Choosing can be difficult.

For some, a choice can be obvious. I overheard two men fishing at the river. “Have you heard”, one said, “so and so is saying that he prefers  breem over minnow. Stupid man. Of course he does. We all do. It’s not even a question of choosing”. Sometimes having choice is silly. But it may still be distracting.

Would you choose love or fear?

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