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The tourist office in Richmond is run by volunteers. Government funding stopped a year ago, but the local people felt that it just wouldn’t do to have no tourist information in their city. From the looks of it local enterprise hasn’t yet bought in to the new setup. It has an amateurish look to it. People are helpful and kind though. I asked them if there was an internet cafe, which unfortunately there wasn’t. The library has computers, but they charge 5 pounds per hour, that’s a lot of money. The lady at the office gets out her own laptop and says that I am more then welcome to use it. So here I am, writing away for 3 hours already. Yesterday there was Amy, the waitress at the hotel where we stayed, and when I asked for the use of a hotel computer, she said that there wasn’t any but that she would lend me her own tablet computer to use that evening. She came and brought it especially for me.

So I told them that I would mention them on my blog. Here is to all the nice people on the way!

You meet so many generous and kind people. Is it something the walking brings about? With Colin and Simon we discussed the idea  that when you are walking, you are seen to be harmless, innocent and friendly. You are also not part of them, of their society and therefore somewhat paradoxically seen as anonymus and invisible.

Maybe the humility of the walker, undergoing the wheather, the path, brings about a kind of hospitality in people? Anyway, it’s a joy to be walking this way!


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