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The book “Paths of Preference” is finished, you can download it from the webpage ‘join up’ on this website. Just in time before the last leg to from Belgrade to Istanbul that starts on July 30th and from which I expect to return half September. Then the long walk is over. During my journey I will turn 60. Whether that is a milestone I am not sure, it something however that occupies my mind from time to time. I wrote earlier about how I sometimes reflect on getting older. It is certainly also a good moment to celebrate my arrival at Istanbul! You are welcome in Breda on the 23rd of September, do let me know if you are coming?

My preparations make me, as usual I notice by now, a bit uneasy, anxious. Again that question: why do you need this so much? Today I spent the day in the garden finally reading the book ‘what I talk about when I talk about running’ by Haruki Murakami. Where he says ‘running’ I could almost jusat as easy say ‘walking’, so much does his description of his marathon running match my long distance walking. Of course he writes better and more beautiful than I ever could and he has much more an eye for detail that I don’t posess through which he really takes me along on his runs. But in my own way I voice the same movement and the same need. Running can be painful, he writes, but pain is inevitable, it is a part of life. It is the suffering that we need to let go of. That is how I experience my walking. A great book, especially for all my running friends!

Something went wrong with my mail messages and because of that you did not get a notice of the last two blogs that were published. Feel free to read those too.


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