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I am getting close to the end of my journey through England. Today, the 4th of August I will be reaching the North Sea coast at Robin Hood’s Bay. I am walking with mixed emotions. On one hand I am feeling a bit tired and ready to stop at the end of this day. On the other hand, not wanting to stop yet, enjoying the walk, the landscape, the people, the  lovely weather. Enjoying myself. Walking has become a passion for me in the last couple of years.  I never used to like walking that much. We would walk the occasional Sunday afternoon with an ending in the pub. My lower back hernia some 10 years ago forced me to walk, the only way for me to ease the pain. I walked more then 6 hours every day for three months. My hernia got better, yet I kept on walking. It had become a passion. 20140805_090639 This journey makes me realize that walking is a real passion for me. The daily practice makes me enjoy it even more. Talent is highly overrated, it’s the discipline of practice that does it, 10000+ hours of practice turns most of us into specialists. My long and many walking hours turn me into a specialist of the walking experience. It makes it easier to live the passion. Passion is a state of mind that drives you, a longing that motivates and triggers you emotionally. I experience my passion to be fueled by a pure source of wildness from deep within. The wildness I talked about earlier, the soft and hard, feeding and dangerous at the same time. Passion also feeds back to this source of wildness. I call it a passion because I have a bit of control over it through my conscious awareness. Not too much though, the wildness has to be able to play its role.  That’s what makes this journey into a joyful experience. It is easy to see how a passion can turn into an obession. Too much wildness, but also too much control over it, turn it into an obsession. I believe an obsession to be a state of mind over which you have no control and perhaps are not even aware of. Too much control paradoxically begets a state of no control. There is a fine line between passion and obsession. The same line that makes me believe myself to be passionate and makes the other person believe that I am totally obsessed. There was this need to walk to Santiago, two years ago. Had you asked me two years earlier, are you ever going to walk to Santiago, my answer would have been; no way. Too far away, too long, too religious. Yet in 2012 I find myself walking through Belgium, France and Spain, on my way to Santiago. Worse still, I dont’t have an argument, or even a reason for doing that. I just feel that I have to do it, so I go. Some people I know, perhaps most, think that I was obsessed in those days. I do admit afterwards there must have been an element of obsession there. 20140805_102929 On the other side of the North Sea lies the coast of the Netherlands. That will the start next year. I am already longing for that part of the journey. Obsessed? Maybe just a little….

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