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On the Catholic holiday of the ascension to heaven of the Holy Virgin, no longer observed in the Netherlands but still a big day in Germany, I arrive in Passau. Is that significant? Is it a coincidence? On the surface of things, to me it signifies no more then a long overdue introduction of the feminine aspect to a male dominated church. And a small one by that. It is significant to many Catholic women though, including my mother.

Is it a coincidence that when a strap of my rucksack breaks, within half an hour I meet a man who mends it? And really, all the rest of my journey no one was able to.

Was it coincidence that I meet Bernd when I have no viable options for the night?

I buy my trainticket home in Deggendorf and being 10 kilometres on my way again I find out they gave me the wrong one. I take the bus back but have little time left. Yet the bus driver says take it easy, on my way back I will drop you off at your camping cos I live near there. Is that luck?

There are many more examples. Is this me being lucky? The universe smiling at me? Or is it maybe all around us always anyway but we don’t know how to look properly. And could I have been a lot luckier still. But then, I did get to Passau didn’t I? Yet what if luck had never intended that and I was just not seeing? Maybe I should have arrived somewhere else completely and not today…..Just misread all the signs…

Still. Here I am.


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