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By on Jul 15, 2018 in Blog | 0 comments

This morning I walked away from the farmers’ campsite, much later then I had wanted because my neighbours offered coffee. Walking through a shadowy lane, suddenly it was there again. A feeling of opening up, a connection between heaven and earth, between past, present and future. A being in the here and now. It comes with an intense emotion and a feeling of homecoming. I have experienced it before, it always comes unexpected. I can’t plan or organize it. It comes through the movement of walking, through slowing down and acceptance of limitations. The beautiful feeling stays with me for the rest of the day.

Throughout the day it makes me walk slowly and attentively through the woods and the dunes. The sun, the forest, the dunes and the sand beneath my feet; the world is beautiful. The clouds tell me that the weather is about to change, but that’s for tomorrow. I would want to stay here yet movement is indispensable. Nothing stands still in an endless and loving space. With only a little regret I leave the forest and head for the polders, making my way north.

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