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I have arrived in Niš. Because I will take a rest day here I have chosen for a bit more luxury. A hotel away from the city centre with a swimming pool. My first dive felt like I was sizzling…

I had my shoes repaired. Even Meindl, which I think is the best brand in the world, has trouble walking these circumstances. Maybe the fact that this the third resoling job since I bought them is also a good reason for this need. When the ‘šuster’ heard of my walk he wouldn’t let me pay. A card from Istanbul would be more than enough payment.

Been to a friendly barber. He works 5 times faster then the one I go to in Breda but then we weren’t able to communicate. I am not sure about the beard yet, so that stays on for now.

Visited the interesting monuments in Niš. Why do we always need to show the heroic and murderous events?Or do I see it wrong and do we show them because they are the exceptional aspects of our human existence and does the natural way of love and communality not need any statues.

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