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20151121_142250 leenderheideA gloomy day, rainy and cold. The clouds are lying low over the land and a drizzly rain is falling steadily. The advantage is that the “Leenderheide’ is empty, there is no one to been seen or met. It is quiet, only a flock of geese is announcing their migration to a better place. On a day like this, the extension of moors and forests seems even more vast. I am walking the 18 mile surrounding track. Halfway, just across the Belgian border lies the Abby ‘Achelse Kluis’. I see here where all the other people are. They have found their refuge in the abby café, warm and beery and they show no intention of ever leaving.

I am wearing my new boots today, the ones that Meindl sent me as compensation for the pair that proved not te be waterproof in Koblenz last summer. Meindl judged that I was right in my claim and sent me a new pair. Now I am the owner of two pairs of boots. I am also a new user of GPS today. André lent me one to try out and maybe start using next year in my ongoing walk to Istanbul. It would be a major gain on the kilos of maps that I would be carrying, let alone the cost.  I have a fight with the compass though. As I am used to do with maps sometimes, I turn it to my walking direction. I know. The practiced GPS- and mapreader is now probably frowning. It’s something that is not done. Women maybe, OK, because they have a ‘different’ sense of direction. I believe I may as well have the female sense of direction. Oh well, I think I have always been an a-typical man. Still I don’t trust the compass, but that could be my stubborn mind as well. And whether it is because of all these new things, this whole day I feel a sort of heaviness on my head.

Before the end of the afternoon the early twilight catches up with my somewhat dark spirit. Just before reaching my starting point I notice the friendly little lights at the big tent of nature campsite “Leenderbos”. This must be a nice place to stay, on the edge of the moors in the light and the warmth of summer. A place to migrate back to with new orientation and light spirit.

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