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The first three days were mountain climbing days. They are probably hills by the height of them, but to me they are mountains. Had I known beforehand, I might have taken the easier way, but I didn’t. Lucky me. It turned out to be a great three days of walking. Great views come at a price though. It was exhausting, so soon after he start of my journey.


The going on the mountainside isn’t easy. This land was once covered with trees. Probably swept away by the last ice age and never to return. But the peat remains. Meters thick in some places and it makes for soggy walking. Everywhere you tread, you feel you are on spongy ground. And sometimes you tread into ankledeep mud, of the same texture and colour. You can’t tel the difference.

 a strange thought that it is only some 400 years ago we found out that mountains have a life as well. Before that, people believed that everything was created, according to their religion. It was, is and always will be, they thought. To us this has become unthinkable, with the evidence in front of us. The huge forces that moved stone plate over stone plate creating mountains. The softer and gentler forces of the wind and the rain, eroding and rounding these plates to smooth. We now know it is in a way a living being. It has a history, a present and a future. Their measurement of time is different from ours. What would the think of our coming and going at their feet? The bronze age, the vikings, the English, the financial crsis?

It also has a sound. I hear them like this. Imagine a very fine tune on a flute, like the flute of herdsman. Now the flute sound slowly fades, like going into the distance. There is this moment where you don’t really ‘ hear’  the sound anymore, but you have still in your head, it is filling your whole head in stead of only your ears. That is the soundI hear when I am sitting on a high place. Try it!


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  1. I once read a line by a poet from another Celtic country, Wales, who described the air as if an arrow had just sped past.

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