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In between showers I take a walk in the forest. The air is of an even, damp grey. Everything looks pretty much the same, everything looks brownish wet and it feels a bit boring, not very inviting. When things get boring, I start to look for differences. When you look closely, you see that everything is different; shapes, colours and textures. Not one view is the same. Perhaps you need to be bored to be able to see differences?

It’s when you start looking closely at things, that you start seeing the miracle. When we pay attention to the detail, the wonder of complexity is when we see things as if it were the first time. When we see something we can’t place, don’t recognize; we start wondering. It’s new, exciting, amazing, even miraculous perhaps. I remember the first time I saw the sea. I must  have been 4 or 5 and it was endless. I was totally overwhelmed, in awe and amazament. The first time I had experienced endlessness as a hum being. I didn’t sleep much that night, as something had happened to me that was out of my knowing or expierence till then. Now, whenever I go the beach, I still recall that feeling of endlessness and wonder. When we look at another person, what do we see? Do we see a member of the human race, like trees in forest? Or do we see a unique being that requieres our deep attention to see its wonder of complexity?

Later we learn context and are taught that it is ‘just’ a tree. That the sea is not endless, but that England is on the other side and that if you travel far enough you come back to where you were. Everything becomes rational and explainable. You learn that people are pretty much the same wherever you go. The wonder is gone, it all becomes known and a maybe a bit disappointing. I am not promoting we have a romantic view of the world and all that is there. I do promote that we can see with the eyes of a child, that we can see things as if they happened for the first time, that we can experience the wonder of our world. That every tree is a miracle by itself. That every human being is different and miraculous, as if  we meet for the first time.

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