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From Sofia the Sultans trail goes into the Rodopi mountains. I have decided not to follow it anymore. Partly because of time constraints; its going to take more time than I have and I willhave to compromise somewhere else. Partly also because I am not looking forward to the struggle in the mountains lugging myself and my rucksack up a mountain and finding my way down again. With the help of my GPS and OSM I am going to make my way to the Turkish border. In a funny way it feels light and relieved; no longer following a predescribed path but finding out for myself. It seems to make a better fit with who I am. 🙂

Yet another funny experience. When I put on my rucksack and start walking I really have this feeling of being left to my own choices, that my action radius is no more than 3 or 4 kilometres per hour. Even though there are buss stops, that I know I can ask for a lift snd there are houses close to the street. I am on my own. That’s OK, that’s how it’s supposed to be.

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