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The site is called ‘The city’, which seems to be a strange name in this rural area with mostly cattle farms. It is an archeological site whith a diameter of 50 meters. Supposedly it is the oldest known Celtic place of worship and living in Ireland. Supposedly they came from Greece, from where they were chased away by the patriarchical nomads that took over that part of Europe. Their culture and religion were matriarchical. They brought Manu, the earth goddess to this region. They also brought three war goddesses with them. Those three have been sanctified, to appease the population during the Christening. Roman Catholic politics, so what’s new, we have seen two popes sanctified lately. I have trouble finding the place. It is supposed to be on top of a hill. Naturally. I walk to the top of the hill, even further through bog and water. I have already accepted defeat, surely I am not ready to see the treasure, or my insight is lacking, as with the life of mountains in the earlier story. An old Irish man is sitting there looking at me. “Are you lost, laddie?”, he asks. I admit to not finding the site. “Here it lies”, he says, pointing behind him. I was looking in the wrong direction, but not only that. The place is unreckognizable as an archeaological site. It is round, but for the rest, there are stones lying about, some ruined houses and sheds standing within. 20140530_081311   20140529_194005 The man also points out the well. On Bealtaine, the first of May, all the cattle from the neighborhood are led to the well, to drink the holy water for health and fertility. It is also sprinkled onto the fields. It would be good for me and my journey if I drank it as well. Of course.         20140529_193735It’s OK to put up my tent within the perimeter of The City. That feels special. In the evening some older men tread around The City, praying the rosary, clockwise as it should be done. There are other, more complex rules to follow when praying here. I think it may have to do with not getting distracted. Within The City, some older women pray to the statue of the Virgin Mary. It is her month as well, it is still May. On the background are the ‘pabs’, the hills that represent the earth goddess Manu. Her nipples are formed by the cairns that have been build there. For the photo occasion she dressed decently….

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