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When I started my long walk from Ireland to Istanbul, a friend asked me: why so long, why so far away? Couldn’t you just start from home and just walk? I couldn’t, didn’t have the courage, strange as it may sound. It felt vulnerable to do it like that. It felt like I needed a justification to do something like that: just for the fun of it. I can justify an effort, I find it much harder to justify joy. So I did what I was able to then: I straightened my shoulders, packed my rucksack and walked for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it a lot, most of the time.

Back in the Netherlands, after arriving in Istanbul, I didn’t have any new plans or ideas. There are so many beautiful paths and ways but I had no inspiration or urge to pick one, like I had with the Ireland-Istanbul adventure.  And it wasn’t that I didn’t feel like walking, because I always feel like walking. Maybe there is still a bit of trouble to do something without justification?

So now I am going to do what I was afraid of doing 5 years ago. I am going for a walk, out from my doorstep and no idea where it will take me, but staying in the Netherlands though. . I call it meandering, but you could probably just as well call it idling or some other name that says ‘randomly enjoying yourself’. I am walking from July 12th  till 20th and then again from July 27th till August 15th.

If you feel like meandering or idling along for a bit of the way, I’d like that and we could share the joy of randomly walking. Let me know!

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