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A treat.


What a treat to be walking with Wim for a couple of days. Away from busy Amsterdam and Dublin, taking the bus to beautiful Glendalough. That’s where my  three day journey to Dublin starts.  Across empty backroads, small paths, through the fields and the forests, over the hills with their breathtaking views. There is water everywhere, small streams, lakes and in the far distance lies the sea. Places like these make me stop thinking and come back to simplicity. By walking, finding my rhytm, breathing, making room for the wind and the space in my head, taking in all the beauty of my surroundings.


The walking itself is easy, almost unnoticed. It is the joy of being in motion that makes that I hardly feel the kilometres. We take a break, to sit down, to talk, to look en to have a bite to eat. What a treat that we can walk these days under a glorious, warm and sunny sky. Whenever we meet people we exchange greetings whereby we tell each other what a lovely day it is. Is it because the Irish are so used to rain that they become enthused and happy in this bright sunshine. “Great day, beautiful day isn’t it”. How it easy can life be?


Why is it so difficult to find this relaxation in daily life. What is it, this endless distraction and busyness around me, that tires me out and makes me lose my inspiration? These are the places to reconnect. I have rediscovered walking.


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