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The day starts with a kilometres long stretch along the beach. It gets hot early, muggy rather, the northwind has turned south but not arrived here yet. I walk through the surf, for steadier ground. My shoes get wet but they are water tight, or aren’t they? Whether it is the salt water or wearage, after a couple of hours I know I my socks to be wet, providing my feet with two blisters.

The walk to Den Helder isn’t long but a bit boring along cycling paths, which makes walking even more sensitive. On arrival at the island of Texel I decide to take the bus to the camping site where a colleague was able to wrestle a spot on this busy island. The bus, also because I felt the need of relaxing on the beach for the afternoon. The camping site is a bit of an anti climax, as is the beach.

But my inconveniences are minor. On the same bus, an elderly Asian woman in traditional clothing gets in. After a while she asks the young man sitting next to her whether this is the right bus to get to Amsterdam. Friendly, he explaines to her that she needs to stay on this same bus till it gets back to the harbour, then take the boat back to the mainland and then the train to Amsterdam. Politely smiling, she thanks him. She also gives me a friendly nod. I am not sure though she will get to Amsterdam.

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