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20160715_140910Linz is already behind me. This is the moment where some of you may say that, again!, I have been walking too fast. And to be honest, in a way this is true. But it feels so good to bypass some of those wet and muddy mountains! So yes, I move more quickly.


Yesterday even my feet were wet. Yeah, my own mistake of not wearing the stuff I brought at the time it was appropriate. Stubborn, I believe is the word. Luckily it dried up. How does it look from a physical point of view after four days of rain? I don’t mention that a lot, do I? A strange blister under the middle part of my foot on the first day. An ice shoulder after a wilful first night in my tent. The ointment that Mags in Ireland gave me two years ago worked wonders. Still. Luckily there is the second night on a soft bed in an inn (where I arrived by strange ways) followed by a night on a café couch wich give me a sore back. Also tired feet and legs, a headache from not drinking enough (water..). Nothing that can’t be mended.

20160713_142311I wake up many times at night, all these strange places do that to me. Every time I wake up I know I have dreamt heavily. I just can’t ‘get’ them.

A pity, because well controlled as the outside seems, the inside is much more turbulent.

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