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It’s a nice day for walking. Yesterday’s rain refreshed the air and the sun doesn’t make it warmer than 25 degrees. The soft rolling hills still exist of wheat and sunflowers. The wheat has been harvested and the dry sunflowers are rattling in aneasterly breeze. A cowherd is walking with his cows over the wheatfields. There is large scale irrigation here which will give more certainty for a good harvest. Well that’s about it for today. Sorry, can’t make more of it, it’s almost boring. It is boring, so there’s my music and time for reflection (as if I didn’t already do that ;). It starts with yesterday’s swamp text. I can’t believe this still gets to me like that. As if I’ve learned nothing, which isn’t true. But also the remarks in your reactions: tired, courageous, sorrow, being moved and walking alongside. They all touch me because they’re all true. All these feelings, experiences and insights. That’s beautiful and sometimes deeply confronting. And no, that’s still not why I do this. If it were for that there are better and quicker methods. Why then? I have no idea :).

I left my Hermes pendant in the hotel in Kirkareli,  I notice after I’ve walked for a while. Shall I go back and get it? I am unsure. Maybe it was time it got left behind? Maybe it’s also time to leave some other things behind that don’t seem to come to a conclusion.

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