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Track management has one last forest walk on the program for today. It also says that some parts can be difficult to walk in summertime due to heavy foliage and thick shrubbery, especially with a rucksack. So why go there?, I ask myself. You notice by the chosen path that the trackmakers are passionate nature walkers and have their own walking style. Which, as you may have noticed is not like mine; halfway through I find that going on is impossible. I have to turn around and find another way. There is always the option of the provincial roads, but those I avoid as much as possible. Turks are fast drivers and they are not used to hikers. They pass me by within centimetres of my body. And they blow their horns, some to let me know they think it’s awesome, some to share their view on my level of idiocy. All of them drive equally fast.

So back to that route. When I am looking for alternatives I find one via OSM that’s 4 kilometres longer and follows a mountain ridge. But rather that than getting trapped in the undergrowth again. The saying; ‘trust comes on foot and leaves by horse’ does make sense. It turns out to be a nice path with some lovely views. The longer road is rewarding! This time, anyway.

After today there are three more walking days to Istanbul. I booked an airbnb today. It makes it all so definite suddenly. Looking forward also turns your head to the past. I immediately have the feeling of decreasing space; do I have to be happy, sad, quiet, relieved? It occupies my mind and it’s not even here yet. Luckily there are stones on my path that requiere my attention.


  1. Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail! Ralph Waldo Emerson

    • Funny Ralph! I think he walked beside me for a while 😉

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