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20160528_074241“Where are you know?” It is Joke, the owner of the B&B where we will spend the night. We are still eating but on our way, I reassure her.”That’s OK, I will leave the door open for you”, she says. The rural south with friendly manners. The friendliness encompasses the interior of the B&B and the owner herself. She knows that; “I think I sould go now, otherwise I will keep talking to you and you must have better things to do”. The B&B had operating instuctions that have gradually come into being. Knobs that should only go so far, handles that shouldn’t be too tight and lights that should be off.
I reflect on how we all develop our operating instructions throughout our lives. Through trial and error in daily practice and not always (or not at all) consciously. These two days I am walking with Helene, who came all the way from Enschede and who untill now was unknown to me. It is a pleasurable walk, the weather is really nice and nature is at its best. While walking and talking we discover common interests and dynamics. We share bookreading and have comparable ideas about a lot of things that matter to us. Not about all things, of course.


20160528_074200At the end she says that I can be a tiring man. I must admit to being a handful sometimes. I have to question everything and I don’t take the easy way out of a discussion. I also don’t easily agree. Maybe I should start wearing a note saying who far you can turn my knobs? Maybe we all should. For safety…. 🙂

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